We offer the following services

  • Inspections
    We inspect your winder on site or at our premises.
  • Our services worldwide
    In Europe preferentially with a fully equipped service vehicle.
  • Repair of all electronic sub-assemblies on Meteor winders
    We have all the necessary diagnostics equipment in-house for repairing PCBs.
  • Large range of mechanical replacement parts
    Some of the replacement parts we offer for Meteor machines are manufactured in-house.
    Professional sub-suppliers manufacture parts for you that are optimised and better than the originals
  • Winder tools
    We have an in-house design department where we develop winders in accordance with your specifications or coil samples, among other developments.
  • Sample winding
    We have various types of winder and can wind small series or samples based on your specifications.
  • Electronics and software development
    Adaptation of electronic wire tension controllers of other manufacturers (e.g. LJU) to suit your Meteor winders.
  • Relocation and removal
    We provide support for machine and plant relocation and removal. Plant and equipment is professionally dismantled and packaged for transport by truck. It is then reassembled and taken into operation at the new destination. Our training measures at the destination include maintenance, troubleshooting, resumption of production and handover of finished processes.
  • Training
    Training courses for your personnel in the following areas:
    – Basics of winding technology
    – Creating winding programmes
    – Electrical and magnetic parameters of coils
    – Maintenance work